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This week on Spread the Love we talk about our newest non-play program, Practical Technical Theatre. We are the Canadian distributors of this amazing tech theatre program!

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Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love. This week we are more than a little bit excited because we are talking about a new program that we’ve got in our catalogue that’s actually not a play. We’re talking about Practical Technical Theatre. It’s a program of eight DVD’s. They were imagined and put into practise by Bob and Marti Fowler who we met in 2004 at a conference.

Right here we’ve got the man himself, Bob Fowler, how are you doing?

I’m doing great Lindsay.

Awesome. So. On our little program here called Spread the Love we just talk about what we love about the stuff that’s in our catalogue. So tell me what you love about your programs.

Well, we love the fact that we’ve developed these programs that are very visually orientated for the students. Teachers play the DVD in class and they have a CD-ROM that has worksheets, lesson plans, projects, writing prompts….

So it’s not just – hey, here’s a substitute come in, play the DVD and not do anything. It is very interactive.

Very interactive.

That is amazing and that’s what I love about it. That it is comprehensive. So you’ve got Intro to Technical Theatre. What are the names of the DVD’s?

The first one is Intro to Technical Theatre. This is good for a survey class or for a tech theatre class. It goes through types of stages, theatre hierarchy, and does a tour of a big professional theatre.

The Set Construction and Basic Theatre Safety is exactly what it says. It has tool safety, general theatre safety and set construction from platforms all the way up to flats, to striking at the end of the show.

Lighting for Theatre is very hands on working with the instruments and lighting equipment. A big safety component in there too.

Audio for Theatre is an excellent program. It’s hard to teach audio because you can’t reach out and grab it. So there’s a lot of animations and makes it very easy to understand.

Stage Management, again with a thirty year equity stage manager. Everything you’d want to know about stage management.

Set Design and Lighting Design go along with the set construction and lighting. It’s more advanced. This is more of the design aspects of it, a little more cerebral aspects of it. The planing things out.

And the last Business and House Management covers everything from doing budgets to publicity….

Basically, you’ve got it all in one big program, in one set of programs anything you’d want to know about technical theatre.


It’s just awesome and we’re so, so happy that we’re able to include it in our catalogue.

We’re so glad you are the exclusive Canadian distributors.

Awesome. That’s it for Spread the Love!

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