Spread the Love: Stroke Static by Lindsay Price

Written by Craig Mason


Hi. This is Lindsay Price. I am at the Arizona State Thespian Festival and this is Spread the Love. This week we are going to talk about Stroke Static. Stroke Static is a very unique play. It combines realism and heights of theatricality. It’s one of my plays, I’m rather partial to it and I’ll tell you why in just a second. I’m so happy that I have got three cast members from Arizona who have just recently done the play. So we’re gonna talk to them first. Here we go.

Tada! Ok so wave. Say, “Hello!”


Say your name.

I’m Zac.

I’m Gord.

I’m Kelsey.

Who were you in the play?

I was Russ.

Russ is the main character.

I was Bill.

Bill is Russ’ brother.


Meagan is Russ’ granddaughter.

What happens is is that the main character, he’s eighty-three, right Zac?


How old does he think he is?

He thinks he’s eighteen.

Right. So he’s played by a teenager.

Ok. So I love that you guys love this play. It fills my heart with such warm, warm feelings. I cannot tell you. So each of you, if you would please tell me and our audience why you love Stroke Static.

Ok, Zac, you go first.

I like it because I saw so much of my life inside of it. And my grandfather… we went through the same thing, the same dynamics, and it was so great to be able to play that.

Yeah. The play is about multi-infarct dementia. What was it like to play that from the inside?

It was challenging. It was really great, and like, really I learned a lot about acting.

Awesome. Next

The realism of it. That this isn’t just characters in a play. Real people in real life go through this. And it was so real in that sense. And there were certain scenes in there that you just like, “I’ve seen this happen before.”

That’s awesome.

It gives you chills even now.

Awesome. Perfect. Kelsey.

I’m short. Just the fact that I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never done anything like it. It was so realistic, and different, and unique all at the same time. It was such a great experience.

Awesome. And it really means a lot to me that you really like this play, because… Ok wave, I’m going to turn back again.

Stroke Static is very partial to me because it’s actually about my grandfather and what he went through with multi-infarct dementia. And every time a school does it, it just breaks my heart because I lived the story and it also fills my heart because it means that he’s living on. And I think it’ll be a part of their memories and it’s gonna be a part of mine, too. That’s it for Spread the Love. Thanks a lot. Bye.

Ok, wave again.



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