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Spread the Love: Teaching Workshops

This week Lindsay spreads the love for teaching. Recorded live at the 2009 Ohio State Thespian Conference in Beavercreek, OH.


Hello! Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love!

We are in Ohio for the Ohio State Thespian Conference. One of the reasons I’m here is to teach workshops. I love teaching workshops. I do it at every conference that I go to and it’s a way for me to pass on my love and my passion for playwriting.

When I was in high school, I didn’t have anything like this. There were no big conferences, no such specific workshops to attend, and I think all the time about how my playwriting could have gone or how my acting could have gone if I had this opportunity.

So, it’s so great to attend these conferences and to be able to teach, to be able to bridge, and offer some direction to young writers. This morning, I taught a workshop on character and conflict in writing. I had a huge class! I had twenty-five. My playwriting workshops are always the smallest and they’re always the most tentative so it was really, really exciting to see such a huge class. Everyone’s got pen in hand. We all sat and wrote for an hour.

Just to see such enthusiasm and energy and excitement towards writing, I couldn’t have been more inspired and more impressed. And that’s one of the things, another thing I like about teaching workshops is I always learn something from the students. It’s amazing to put an exercise in someone’s hands and see what you get back. It’s awe-inspiring and it’s one of the reasons that I do it.

So, that’s it for Spread the Love.


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