Spread the Love: The Magic Diary of Mozambique by Chris Stiles

Written by Craig Mason

This week we spread the love for The Magic Diary of Mozambique, a wonderful play by Chris Stiles. Recorded live in a mysterious location.


Welcome to Spread the Love. This week we are talking about The Magic Diary of Mozambique by Chris Stiles. In the play Darla receives a diary that seems to solve all of her problems. As we know, when something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is. What I love about the play is that it is a challenging, character driven, story driven piece for middle schoolers. Written for middle schoolers. I’ve never seen anything like it available for middle school performers and that’s why it’s in our catalogue. Craig?

This play does not get nearly as many productions as it deserves. If you’ve got a group of middle schoolers who are tired of doing fairy tales, you really owe it to yourself and to them to go, click on the link below this video check out the same pages and when you read them I know you’re going to love this play as much as we do.

That’s it for Spread the Love. Bye bye!

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