Spread the Love: Upon a Sea of Dreams by Kathleen Donnelly

Written by Craig Mason

This week we spread the love for Upon a Sea of Dreams: A Journey on the Titanic by Kathleen Donnelly.


Lindsay: Craig? What are you doing?

Craig: I’m king of the world!

Lindsay: Craig– Craig? Are you being Leonardo DiCaprio? Are you pretending to be Leonardo DiCaprio again?

Craig: Just give me the camera, alright…

Lindsay: Hey everybody! So we’re here for “Spread the Love,”? and okay, so this isn’t the ocean– it really is Lake Eerie– but it acts as a beautiful introduction to this week’s “Spread the Love,”? which is “Upon a Sea of Dreams– A Journey on The Titanic,”? by Kathleen Donnelly. And really, the title says it all. The play takes place on the Titanic, on April 14th, 1912, in a third class cabin, where Emma and her sisters and making that fateful journey. Everything is going really well, and then the boat stops and the sirens sound and the play evolves. Craig, what do you love about “Upon a Sea of Dreams”??

Craig: What I love about “Upon a Sea of Dreams”? is that it’s so unexpected. We’re used to hearing the Titanic story on a grand scale, on a massive, ethics scale, but this story is told on a human scale, a very intimate scale. It’s an intimate little drama, and it takes place in a small, tiny cabin, way way below deck, with real human people going through real human things, and it’d be a killer competition piece. Lindsay, what do you love about “Upon a Sea of Dreams?”?

Lindsay: I think both Craig and I, when we got the play, we gave a little groan. It’s like, “A Titanic play? Really? Really? What high school’s gonna be able to do this?”? And the answer is: Every high school is gonna be able to do this! It is a people play, and whenever you can take something on a grand scale and make it about human emotion and people, that’s when you have something really really special. This is a wonderful character piece and an extraordinary situation. Okay, that’s it for “Spread the Love”?– Thanks, see you next time!

Craig: Alright Rose, let’s get out of here!

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