Stand Up Eight


I am knee deep in circus world right now. For the past three weeks I’ve been working on a show called STAND UP EIGHT.


The mission of the show is to become the new American circus. Skills like Cirque du Soleil, but a more intimate, more ‘see the man behind the curtain’ type of show.

The theme of the show is perseverance, about the journey to get the skill, the trick. An audience will see a skill such as aerial hoop, see a trick such as fire eating, and know the story behind it.

It’s easy to think of a circus performer as beyond human because they do extraordinary things.

The show wants to combine that extraordinary with the human being behind it.

So, right now the show is ramping up for a two night run next week. This is mostly to get footage for a promo video – you need a show to book a show – and is then going out on tour in the early winter.


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