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Students Make Sure the Show Goes On!

Here’s a story I find truly inspiring.

The spring play at Nevada Union High School was canceled due to some unspecified irregularities with the parent booster club. Did the students give up? Heck, no! They just formed their own production company (Robbed Productions) and are mounting their own show!

The arts teach us to be creative. The arts teach us to work within constraints. The arts teach us teamwork. I think these students will learn far more from this experience than they could ever learn in a classroom.

Four Senior students, Kate Tobie, Layne Austin, Allie Weaver and Hana Limov decided to turn a hopeless situation into a positive learning experience. They formed their own production company, named Robbed Productions, for their robbed spring season and also as a tribute to their drama teacher Rob Metcalf. Hana says with a lot of their own money, they will put on four one act plays beginning the weekend of May 28th.


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