Success Story

James Park is a sophomore at The Randolph School in Huntsville, AL. He is from Korea and is studying at Randolph away from home. He competed in the Solo Monologue Individual Event Category at the Alabama Thespian Festival with a monologue from This Phone Will Explode at the Tone.

He doesn’t have a lot of acting experience. He doesn’t speak English as a first language. He won second place. He ROCKED it.

Here’s James finding out that he won and a little talk with him after wards. The thing that everyone should take away is how much he practiced. Every day for two weeks. (and his teacher says he worked on it longer than that) He recited his monologue everywhere he went. He focused on the emotional expression. He received exemplary comments from the judges and it goes to show – if you want to compete, you can’t throw something together the night before. This is how you do well.

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