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We received the email below from a teacher about her recent production of School Daze. I asked if we could share her wonderful success story on our blog – it shows what the true power of theatre is, and basically why I write plays. I believe so strongly that theatre at the school level is about communication, self-expression and self-confidence. Theatre at the school level can change lives. This story is what I consider to be GREAT theatre. Thank you so much Rebecca for allowing us to re-print this!

“Last year, I put on SCHOOL DAZE with my Gr. 7 English class. Every single student in the class was involved and it was truly an amazing experience. We had students reveal talents that we (and often they) didn’t know existed. It was amazing to see such a wide-range of students come together for the play. Students were able to support one another and became much closer as a result…..Students, teachers, parents,siblings – all had nothing but praise for the production.

Since the beginning of the school year I have had former students (and current students who heard about last year) ask if I would pleeeeeease put on a play. Some of these students have been naturally outgoing, but other students have been the ones that I’d least expect. So again, it speaks to the fact that the experience is incredibly rewarding for all involved. While the plays are now extra-curricular, we are doing two because of the number of students who want to be involved. I’m very excited; these experiences are what teaching is all about!”

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  • This is a fantastic story!!!! I was invited to participate in a theatre project back in the ’90s. It turned out to be a community theatre production of a locally written play called “Spoke” which was entered in something called “Theatre of the Oppressed” in Toronto where I was fortunate enough to meet Augusto Boaz, the Brazilian gentleman who used theatre in the favellas in Brazil to empower people living in poverty. The experience changed my life. I have since written a couple of plays of my own and continue to act and write music for others.