Sweep Under Rug at AATE

Just returned from the American Association of Theatre Educators conference (AATE) which was last weekend. I was thrilled to have a new play Sweep Under Rug take part in the Unpublished Play Project which is put on by the Playwrights Network of the organization.

There were seven snippets from seven plays performed and it was really neat to watch. Out of the seven, there was only one that didn’t grab me which I think are pretty fantastic odds. It’s wonderful to sit through a bunch of readings and go “ooooh what happens next?”

My reading went very well. I think one of the characters was miscast, but I can perhaps be clearer in the character description to avoid something like that in the future. That’s what readings are for!

On that note, I was able to work on the problem spots of Circus Olympus recently with a few actors and got everything solved. It’s so necessary to see how a script is handled by others. It’s also necessary to be strong in your views of how the script should be played AND have an open mind at the same time. One actress instinctively went in the complete opposite direction with a character than I had intended and it was fantastic. No words were changed, but the different intention made the character pop and also solved a problem I was wrestling with. I was too close to the play to see that and having a fresh eye to the script made all the difference.

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