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Tech Challenge Photo Post

We’ve just spent a wonderful weekend at Arizona Thespians in Phoenix. This conference is one of the highlights of our year, with some of the nicest kids and most passionate sponsors you’ll find anywhere.

The exhibit hall was shared with the Thespian Tech Challenge. Tech Challenge is like a monologue or scene competition, except for the techies. They competed in lighting hang & focus, presetting a table, quick changes, and rope tying.

I loved watching the challenges and the verve with which the kids were competing. I took a few photos of the challenges and thought you might be interested in seeeing them. Enjoy!

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Craig Mason


  • I went to Arizona Thespian festival and was in one of your workshops! I had read a few of your plays before but I had no idea that it was you until I stumbled upon your website. You were so wonderful and truly helped a lot! I was in your IE critique workshop and you gave some brilliant advice. My group music piece ended up getting three superiors and you defiantly had in that, thank you so much!

  • Thanks for your kind words! You guys had a great IE and I’m glad to hear you got superiors.