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Thank You!

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada and it’s time to reflect on all we’re thankful for. If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or if you’re American and Thanksgiving is still several weeks away, please read on anyway.

We’re thankful for our playwrights

There are many play publishers out there. Sometimes it seems like a new one is starting up every day. Most are many orders of magnitude larger than us. We’re so amazed when a playwright chooses us to represent their work. Plays are like children to playwrights and we’re so grateful that they entrust their scripts to us. We do our best to treat them like our own.

We’re thankful for directors who choose our plays

Despite the down economy, despite the pressures to close arts programs in schools, despite shrinking school budgets, our scripts are being performed in record numbers. We’re incredibly thankful when someone chooses to perform one of our plays.

We’re thankful that teachers use our plays in the classroom

It’s not just about books and royalties. We’re passionate about arts education and the knowledge that our material is being used to educate is absolutely wonderful.

We’re thankful for students who use our material for auditions and competitions

We work really hard to develop and choose material that speaks to students and not at them. It’s very important that students voluntarily choose to use our material for auditions and competitions because it means the material resonates with them.

We’re thankful for people who talk to us at conferences

We’re very shy. If you’ve met us, you’d probably think otherwise, but we are. It means so much to us when you visit our table and chat. We listen, too. We’ve come up with many many ideas for helpful resources from conversations at the table. We’re here to make your life easier and it’s easier for us to do that if we know what you need.

We’re thankful for you

Yes, you! Whether you’re a long-time customer or this is the first time you’ve even heard of us, thanks for reading. Time is precious. Thanks for sharing some of yours with us.

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