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Got a very nice surprise at the Arizona Thespian Festival this past weekend. As I was heading out to run a Playworks rehearsal, a member of the State Board stopped by the Theatrefolk table.

“Are you going to the Teacher’s meeting?”

“No, I have to go to rehearsal.”

“You should go to the Teacher’s meeting.”

I am not swift on the uptake. I asked about three times if it was really necessary, is it REALLY necessary? Apparently it was really necessary.

I received (along with Bob and Marti Fowler of Interactive Educational Video, whose Practical Technical Theatre DVD’s we also carry) an award of recognition for Outstanding Service to Arizona Thespians.

Well colour me tickled. And surprised. (Did I mention I’m not swift on the uptake?) And really grateful. Being thanked for something you do anyway is a real treat. Arizona Thespians has always been a lovely conference for us because those who run the festival know how to make you feel welcome. They appreciate our being there (vendors are often treated as dirt). They go above and beyond to thank you when you teach (presenters are sometimes treated as dirt). And it feels like we’re all on the same page. We’re all there there for the same purpose. To create an experience for the students and teachers. That is something I can get behind.

I don’t feel like I’m outstanding. I feel like I do what I can to create an experience. But I’ve already put that plaque up in my office because boy, it’s nice to be thanked.

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