Today is Thanksgiving in the US (we had ours back in October). And I have to say that the notion of ‘giving thanks’ is pretty much the coolest part of the holiday. Forget the turkey, forget the potatoes, forget the stuffing, (ok, maybe not the stuffing. I’m rather partial to stuffing. Especially when it’s covered in gravy. Yum. Where am I?) it’s really important to spend a minute and think about what we are all thankful for.

I’m insanely thankful for the job I have. I’m thankful for Theatrefolk and how it affords me to make a living as a playwright. I’m crazy thankful to be a playwright. I get to write for a living. It’s crazy, uber-crazy and I really should be yelling out thanks to the universe every day for that one. I get to do what I love and pay a mortgage. Crazy. Any time I’m a puss-filled pity monster (I throw a mean pity party) I have got to look around and give a little more thanks.

Not only do I get to write, I get to pass that writing on to teenagers. I love writing for teenagers. They bring my work to life in all kinds of weird wonderful ways. Student performers are crazy: exploding energy firework hopeful optimistic energetic balls of crazy.

Boulder Creek High School

I’m thankful I’m able to travel and meet the students who perform my plays. They seem to always be so thankful to meet me, but really it’s the other way round. I’m so thankful to meet them, to hear what they did, to hear about how the plays affected them, to see their wide smiles – it’s awesome. It’s really what life is about. We all need to have an affect on something, somewhere, someone. I’m thankful I achieve that effect.


Not only that, I get to pass on my passion for writing in workshops. I get to teach with passion to¬†students who want to listen – now that’s something to be thankful for. I get to share, to teach, to watch a room full of silent focused writers as they hurry their pens across the page as fast as they humanly can. I’m thankful I can share the act of writing. That I can show students an open door, a door that anyone can go through, that there’s a way to get out what’s going on in side of them.

I’m thankful for our customers. We have the best customers. We love you. We love your passion for theatre. We love that you care for your students. It makes working a lot of fun. A lot to be thankful for there.

I’m thankful for my home family and my road family. It’s nice to have both.

Craig and Lindsay

And I’m thankful for my partner in life, in work, in everything, Craig. I’m thankful we enjoy working together (some people look at me strangely when I say I work with my husband. ‘All day?’ they say.) We work really hard on Theatrefolk and strive to fulfill our vision, to fulfill our love of theatre for us and for you. We’ve got plans for you my friends, we’ve got new ideas and we can’t wait to share them.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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