The Call of Harry

Theatrefolk was at the South Eastern Theatre Conference this weekend, (after driving down to Tennessee in an ice storm, and then driving home in a two day blizzard. But I digress) and I had a wonderfully interesting experience.

Over the three days, I had at least five young guys wander into the booth, all of whom had independently performed the ‘Harry’ monologue from This Phone Will Explode At the Tone. That’s a lot of guys! Some picked up our ths phne 2.0: the next generation specifically because they had done the Harry monologue. One was using it for his college audition that weekend. Another who’s just about to graduate from college told me he had performed the monologue four times over the past couple of years.

The Harry monologue is very simple: a young guy sits by the phone trying to work up the courage to call a girl. This Phone Will Explode At the Tone is 15 years old (hence the new 2.0 version), but the character and the situation are universal. It doesn’t matter how much society changes, or technology changes, or the world changes it will always be hard for a nervous guy to ask out the girl he likes. That’s why fifteen years later it still works. Which makes me a tremendously happy playwright.


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