The Cost of Theatre

Have you ever thought about what it costs to put up a Broadway show? Or Broadway seems to put up the same kind of show over and over again? Or why so few make their money back? Hey, maybe you don’t think about any of these things, this New York Times article is still going to be of interest. It’s the line by line budget for Spider-Man:Turn off the Dark. How did they spend $75 million?

It’s an eye-opening document.

  • $40,000 on rehearsal props.
  • Over $8,000 for hair design.
  • $370,000 for puppets.
  • A million dollars for lawyers.

One thing I’m actually amazed at is how relatively little the director and authors were paid. The authors received $92,000, which seems like a lot except when compared to, well everything else.

The show would have to run at full capacity for seven years to re-coup. Hmm. Not sure that’s going to happen. When I think about the theatre I’ve put up, and the mere fractions of pennies we had to work with…. we never had hair design…..

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  • The documents only show income for a short period of time for the authors. They will continue to receive royalties for as long as the show runs and that can add up to a substancial amount! Ms. Taymor and the Directors Guild are taking the producers to arbitration to seek additional royalties on top of the $125,000 she’s already been paid.