The dance of Joy

When theatre goes right, I’m inclined to jump up and down. I’m also inclined to dance. In what some might describe as a dorky fashion. I find such joy in the expression of theatre, it makes me dance. It’s also why when theatre goes wrong it’s like a thousand daggers plunging in and out of my inner being over and over again. Metaphorically speaking. Of course.

Now, when I’m watching theatre, this all goes on in my head. Mostly. We won’t talk about that. But when I’m working on something, I’m inclined to let fly. When I’m workshopping a new piece with students and they get it, and they like it, and they are really committed to it, I’m not afraid to let that inner dork out and dance. Right in the class room. How could I not? There’s nothing better than when theatre goes right.

This week I’ve been dancing all over the place. I’ve just finished the first workshop on my new middle school piece on bullying. I basically dropped it into the lap of some Grade Nine’s and said, ‘what do you think?’

This play has been a year and a half in the making. There has been a lot of uncertainty and a complete re-write. And by George I think I got it. Not only were the students able to bring it to life, they helped me “see” the play. It’s going to get another workshop and then a test production but I’m feeling the joy. Thanks Eastdale!

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