Teaching Drama

The Four C’s

I’ve long advocated that drama is one of the few classes that teaches real world skills. It’s not computers or television that ruins the lives of students. It’s the square peg in round hole, every single student must conform to this methodology, tests rule way of thinking. Students do not need to learn how to parrot back facts. They need to know how to create, to communicate, to innovate, to collaborate, to think. What a funny thing. Students actually thinking.

So it was interesting to come across this post on the Entrepreneur the Arts website. They’re quoting the Partnership for 21st century skills when they state that the 4 c’s for 21st century learning are:

  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Look at that! Not a regurgitated fact in sight. If that’s not what happens in drama I don’t know what is. Forget the drama class, the act of being in a play utilizes creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration.

Alas this is not what school boards, in general, are advocating for 21st century learning. How do we get administrators to see that these four C’s, these skills prepare students for life and not test scores? The only person test scores help is the administrator…

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