The Journey of a Play – Making the Books

The last video in the series. We show you how the books are actually made.


Welcome to the Journey of a Play. This is the final video and the final step.

How a play is manufactured, and how it becomes a book. Let’s take a look.

So after the play is proofed and typeset, then we send it down here to Buffalo Printing. You can see the buffalo behind me and that tells you that you’re in Buffalo Printing. And they do everything here for us in terms of actually printing the books. There was one time we printed the books on our own but, as you’ll see, it’s a long laborious difficult process. So now let’s have a look at how the books are actually made.

The paper for the cover is selected.

The operator sends the play to the printer.

The high speed printer prints the cover and the script.

If the book is to be stapled it goes into a saddle stitcher that staples and folds it in one pass.

If the book is to be glue bound (“Somewhere, Nowhere” for example) it goes to this machine.

The cover is put in placed at one end.

And the inside pages are placed at the other.

Here’s the cool part. In one smooth process the machine puts glue on the pages and affixes them to the cover.

Now you’re probably noticing that the cover is a bit larger than the book. So the whole book goes into a cutting machine that makes sure all the edges meet up nicely.

The books are finished. The shipper double-checks the order, puts the books in an envelope, and sends them to you.

OK. That’s the whole journey from the oil change in North Carolina that sparked the idea, through the writing, the production, the publication, and here it is. Tada!

Thanks for joining us. And please check out “Somewhere, Nowhere” at


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