The Journey of a Play: Missouri Production Part Two

Continuing on with her experience from seeing Somewhere, Nowhere at the Missouri State Thespian Festival, Lindsay talks about the teeny tiny changes that happen in script revisions.


Hello! I split this portion of The Journey of a Play up into two videos. The one which was pre-seeing the shows at Missouri Thespians and now this post performance one because I wanted to spend some time sharing with you some of the minute but very important script changes that sometimes happen at this stage when you are seeing a play more than once, getting the details and really fine tuning the play. That’s really what it’s all about.

For example, some of the changes that I made were about maintaining the reality of the world of the play. For example, in play three, again we are talking about “Somewhere, Nowhere” and play three is called “Underneath.” Echo talks about how one of the guys he is mowing through the senior class, dating everyone in the senior class as fast as he can. Except for the fact that a page earlier it’s revealed that this guy has been dating a cheerleader, who is very clearly not a senior. That’s a very minute teeny tiny problem, easily solved, but it disrupts the world of the play.

Another one is that in play Four “The Egg Carton and Shaving Cream Solution” it’s remarked that Josie has this very sarcastic tone to her because she is off chocolate. Except for the fact that in that play and in the previous play she’s pretty sarcastic already and I don’t think being off chocolate has anything to do with her personality. That needed to be tweaked.

The other thing is that she’s constantly referred to as “the new girl.” Oh, you hate being called “the new girl.” Everyone refers to her as the new girl, except that’s the only thing they refer to her as, they also call her “parents gone to jail girl” and that is never referenced by Josie.

So again, tiny tiny change and just making sure that the world of the play is maintained. Sweeping changes are one thing when it comes to making a play ready for publication, but these teeny tiny little changes just take the work to another level.

And the great thing is that because I’ve had the chance to make these tiny changes before the next production, which is coming up in Florida, I get to see all these changes in action, in production. So that will be the next video, the next and the last production of “Somewhere, Nowhere” in Florida. Talk to you then.

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