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The Luxury of Theatre

I consider myself a true believer in the power and importance of art. But in the teeth of the current financial crisis, can I make the argument that art is more than a luxury? – Theatre of Ideas.

Edward Einhorn from the Theatre of Ideas Blog, wrote a very interesting post about whether or not Theatre, or any art, is a luxury. This is a such a sore point for me, because I see the value of the arts. I see the value of exposure to the arts in all occupations. For example, I know a teacher who a couple of years ago was involved with a program through NASA – their scientists were not able to effectively communicate their ideas or with their co-workers. She was working with high school students to combine a science and drama program for just that purpose. That is value.

But certainly there is the other side of the coin. When times are lean, and there’s a budget and it’s a choice between a mortgage payment and a play, it’s really hard to argue with that…

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