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Lindsay Price


  • I guess I saw this coming. How can critical nickels and dimes be the key to the budget crisis when large volumes of cash are needed? Are you honestly telling me or any theatre educator that the arts are that easy to toss into the gutter? Sadly, the things our children go without are skills like: self-awareness, critical thinking, text analysis, understanding plot sequence and structure, point of view, aesthetic distance (I could go on but why). There is a large portion of our student population that not only learns but thrives in the arts. This becomes their language and mode of communication. They learn to function and excel in small groups, large groups, and at times individually, in roles (characters, crew, and design roles) that change (sounds like many future jobs they might have). I have seen the positive impact of theatre in the eyes and heart of my daughter, I have seen it in the young people I teach. If we are going get out of this budget crisis by removing our heart, maybe we should take the blindfold off first? Ready. One, two, three. . .Ahhhhhh!