The Nicest Rejection Letter I Ever Got

That’s what someone said to me today. I’m at a high school theatre conference in Texas and last teacher had given us some scripts to consider for publication. They were very clever, but a bit too similar to other plays we already have and we rejected them.

Today this teacher came by and told me how much she appreciated our rejection letter. She had tacked it up on the wall!

That’s a wonderful compliement for me. I get a lot of rejection letters, and more often than not they are form letters. Granted, most theatres have thousands of plays to go through and there’s not time to be personal.

I’ve also had quite a few nasty rejection letters. One guy told me that the play I had submitted had no theatrical value whatsoever! Another told me point blank never send anything to his theatre again.

I’ve always made it a goal to try, to the best of my ability, to write personal rejection letters. I know how terrible a feeling it is to get them, and really it’s the least I can do. It makes me feel like it’s worth the effort when I get thanks for the letters. Conversely, I’m sure there are just as many writers out there cursing my letters too!

As a lovely coda, that teacher had her plays recently published. I know they’re going to do very well.

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