The Play Limbo

I’m in a little bit of limbo right now with a couple of plays. I was supposed to do this big workshop at a high school for my large cast full length, Circus Olympus, but it got cancelled at the last moment leaving with an unworkshopped script and a bag of foam bats. (Why foam bats? Ah – you’ll have to get the play!)

I’m very happy with the script and it’s basically ready to go except for one question and one section (thus the foam bats). So I need to do a make-up session, which I’ve planned for the end of July. But until then, the play is in limbo. July was supposed to be a happy writing month, moving forward with new work before we move into the get-ready-for-the-new-catalogue phase.

For a few days I sort of stared at my bats and didn’t get any new work done. I knew I had to move forward but my thoughts were back to the almost done stuff that I had expected to be done with. I’d make a stab at something and it wouldn’t go anywhere and that would just make things worse.

The worst worst part of new writing is when you get something down on paper and you’re really excited about it, and then you transfer it to computer. Sometimes I’m typing out something and I can tell as I’m typing it that it’s just not working. I keep typing but I’m getting less and less thrilled as I type. It’s the worst.

Thankfully, at the beginning of this week I was sitting on a bench waiting for someone and had time to let my mind wander and I hit on how to approach an idea I’ve been mulling over. I pull out my handy dandy notebook (seriously I never go anywhere without a notebook and about seven pens. Because you never know what kind of mood you’re going to be in and you have to match the pen with the mood, obviously. What? You never do that?) And three days later I had a notebook filled with writing.

Today I just finished typing it all into the computer and I’m jazzed. Not only am I excited about the work, I know where I’m headed. I think I’ll have a first draft by the end of the month.

Now, if I can just get my foam bats in order…

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