The Play that never was

Well, I had something freaky happen to me yesterday.

A teacher emailed us about getting performance rights for a play. This teacher and I had actually shared a class in university and she’s been very kind and generous toward my writing. At the end of this particular email she asks “By the way, do you have any copies of The Occasion kicking around?”

I stare at the screen and stare at the screen and I have no idea what The Occasion is. Obviously it’s something I should know, but my brain can be quite sieve like so, it’s not completely out of the ordinary. The curiosity is too much for me, I email back and ask what The Occasion is.

Apparently, The Occasion is a play. That I wrote. She had a very clear memory of the play and the story. It was part of a one act reading series at my university in 1994. Now I remember the series and I remember being there but I still don’t remember I wrote anything called The Occasion.

Luckily, I have a somewhat organized archive of programs so I dig out the “Before 2000” box, pull out the right envelope, sift through the programs and there it is. The 1994 New Play Festival. Seven one-acts by new Canadian Playwrights. And there it is: The Occasion by Lindsay Price. I’m totally freaked out.

And the funniest thing concerns the two other one acts on the bill: Tuna Fish Eulogy, which is one of my absolute favourite plays, that has had a wonderful run over the years and I can tell you the development history from A to Z and the other was an early draft of a ten minute play now called “The Drive” that I send out all the time to ten-minute play festivals and I can tell you the development history of that play from Z-A. I also have clear memories of both these plays at this particular festival.

So what the hell happened to The Occasion? Why did I completely ignore it? Why can’t I even recall the reading of it at this festival, as I can for the other two? My husband Craig seems to think he remembers such a play and that it was the genesis for another ten minute play of mine called Paper Thin. Could be. I honestly have no idea. Very, very freaky.

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