The Reality of Movie Making

I’m not sure how movies ever get made. I was watching an episode of Project Greenlight this week – it’s a show that shows the step by step process of a movie being made – and it seems like a huge stressful ulcer inducing mess. The casting director is undermining the director and the first day of shooting is tomorrow and there’s no leading man, and seven producers are trying to come to a consensus, which is impossible. Changes are being made to the script left, right and centre, without consulting the writers and when they see the script it’s like someone took a pair of scissors to it. The crew hates the director, the director doesn’t understand the crew and the actors are stuck in the middle.

And the movie is not a classic, it doesn’t experiment with form, it’s not an intense character piece. It’s a run of the mill movie that will barely make a dent at the box office. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is obviously working quite hard but no one seems to be enjoying the process. And I know this is the norm. Thank God I was never bit by the movie bug because I couldn’t do it. I would lose every shred of love and energy I have for writing.

How do they do it without going insane? Well, I guess they enjoy the money, or they don’t care, or they go insane….

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