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The Road to SETC

Owensboro High School put together a video following their road to winning Best Play (with our very own Among Friends and Clutter) at the Southeastern Theatre Conference. What impressed me the most was seeing how they found time and place (be it a cramped hallway or a dressing room) to rehearse, go over and make sure their performance was the best that it could be. They worked together as an ensemble, a team, a community. This is how you put together a top performance. You don’t try your best, you don’t hope for the best, you make sure the best happens by going over your work again, and again, and again. I just saw a production last week that required the performers to present some difficult poetry. It sounded flawless because they rehearsed it over and over again. They worked together to make it happen.

Acting doesn’t just happen. Performances don’t just happen. Trying your best is fine. But if you want more than fine, you have to work together, be a community and work hard as a community to take that performance to the next level. There is no magic. It has less to do with talent than you think. It’s time and commitment and rehearsing right before you go on in your dressing room. That’s how it’s done.

Video put together by Dave Kirk, Owensboro High School, Fine Arts Technician.

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