The Scarlet Heart Photos and Video

Cathy Archer from Rutland High School sent us a lovely video of a recent production of The Scarlet Heart.

The Scarlet Heart is a Commedia dell’arte play by Allison Williams. The book includes a fully-scripted version of the story or (for very ambitious schools) a list of scenarios to be improvised. Rutland elected to go all the way with their production and improvise it from beginning to end.

You can find some stills from their production on our Scarlet Heart page. I also put together a short reel that you can see below.

Click here to learn more about The Scarlet Heart.

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Craig Mason

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  • It’s always so thrilling to see a play up on its feet! Great job, and I am so impressed at you taking on the improv challenge. I love the 20’s-30’s flavor, and how well you got that all through. And “Salesmen” made me lol!

    Can’t wait to watch the whole thing :)

    Allison (Williams)