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“The Snow Show” Will be Living Up to Its Name

The Snow Show is… well, a play about snow. It has become a pretty popular script. Not only is it a vignette play, it’s also a play that’s perfectly suited to schools that want to do a Christmas show, but are required to stick to secular themes.

We never expected that the show would get a lot of performances in the south, but it has. The premiere production was in Florida and productions in Florida and Texas easily outnumber productions anywhere else. This flummoxed us for awhile. But then we realized that it makes perfect sense. The main story in the play is of a girl from the south who has never seen snow before and is totally fascinated by it.

This week we booked a performance in the the NORTH. When a Canadian tells you that something is in the north, they mean THE NORTH. I present to you a map:

The red flag marks the location of Theatrefolk Interstellar Headquarters in beautiful Crystal Beach, Canada. The blue flag all the way at the top is a place called Rankin Inlet.

Here’s a photo of Downtown Rankin Inlet from Wikipedia:

If anyone knows anything about snow, it’s these folks. And if they’re choosing to perform the play, then Lindsay must have done something right!

Want to learn more about The Snow Show? Read free sample pages here.

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