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The Stage Management Kit

At the high school level we often spend so much time on the acting, on the directing, the writing, the things that happen on stage. The backstage life can often be swept to the way side – sometimes it’s because the theatre has no backstage life – a few crappy lights, a horrible sound system, no wing space to speak of. But even so, those who work back stage are necessary to the success of what happens onstage.

Regardless of what’s lacking in the building, every show needs someone to call the cues, to make sure the actors are where they’re supposed to be, to be the glue that holds everything and everyone together. That’s what a good stage manager does and a good stage manager is worth their weight in gold. They should be revered and trained as much as their on stage compatriots.

To that end, have a look at this post over at Lois Backstage. Lois is a stage manager and in this post shares the everything and anything that goes into her stage management kit. Now, this is a professional stage manager’s kit, but think about how you can start something like this for your high school stage manager. Show them that they are important, that they have a place in the process. Here are some sample items:

  • post it’s
  • extra staples
  • mechanical pencils
  • batteries
  • first aid kit
  • mini mag light
  • clear nail polish
  • glasses repair kit
  • stop watch

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