The Stage Slap

When I go to festivals Stage Combat is always one of the more popular workshops. IT makes sense. Everyone wants to learn how to punch, kick, slap. It’s fun to learn the tricks to make it look ‘real.’ It’s fun to fight – I got to work with a fight director AND with swords once during a production of Hamlet.

But a lot of times actors can get carried away in that fun – especially those just starting out. Stage Combat requires a lot of focus to get in just the right position so that fist moving at full speed goes past the face and doesn’t connect. I’ve seen a girl get clocked because she wasn’t paying attention.

This is an article from a fight director about a disturbing trend to make fights on stage even more real. Like really real. As he says…. “taking the staged out of staged combat….” Have you ever been in a situation where the director has said – ‘oh just do the slap.’ Just do the slap. It’s just a slap, right? How much harm can it do? Read the article for many, many, reasons why you shouldn’t just do the slap and why fight directors are a necessity if you’ve got stage combat in your show…

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