The things you learn…

The things you learn….

…..when you see your play in production.

  1. Choose your egg cartons wisely lest they make too much noise.
  2. Student actors have no fear and will take anything you throw at them.
  3. I am right about the staging in the forth one act.
  4. It is amazing what is interpreted differently and what stays the same.
  5. The cheerleader stereotype is universal.
  6. Rehearsal cubes are king.
  7. 3 and 4 both have monologues after the action is basically over.
  8. Hmmmm. Gotta change that.
  9. When you forget it’s a play and it’s not actually happening to those people, that is so cool.
  10. Success is when a teacher stops you because a student had said to her: “We HAVE to do that play next year!”

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