The Working Actress

“Because there’s nothing worse than inviting people over to watch you on a show, only to realize that all of your scenes have been cut out. The awkward silence of friends sitting there so sympathetically and the one brave one who asks, “Was that it?”

The working actress is an anonymous blog by a working LA actor. The most that she’ll say is that she is currently on a hit tv show, one that was picked up this last season. Because it’s anonymous, it’s also very candid about the life of an actor in LA. If you are considering, or if you have students who are considering the big move to La La land I think the blog is worth a read.

“I’ve been to a few table reads of late: One was at an A list actor’s house, where it was videotaped from four camera angles, we sat on thrones & drank from goblets (no, really, that was actually what we did), and when you drove up to the property the guard greeted you by name and told you to drive over the bridge and past the lake to get to the house. “

While not updated regularly, it gives an open view of what it’s really like to be an actor. It’s not a fairy tale, it’s not wine and roses, and yes the rewards are wonderful but the consequences and sacrifices are many. It would be interesting as a class exercise to have a class give their opinions of what life is like for a hollywood actor, read a few posts and then see if their opinion has changed.

“What I didn’t know, however, is how horrible, awkward, unnatural and frankly, brutal my chemistry would be with the actor.”

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Lindsay Price