The Year Ahead

My spirits were elevated by the enchanting appearance of nature; the past was blotted from my memory, the present was tranquil, and the future gilded by bright rays of hope and anticipations of joy. Frankenstein, Mary Shelley

Well look at that. Another year begins. 2009. Feels pretty good so far. Hard to tell with it being the first day and all, but so far so good….

This isn’t going to be a ‘hey look what we did!’ post. ‘2008! Whooo!’ I don’t like to look back much. The past isn’t very interesting to me because, well, it’s the past. It happened. With every day it recedes farther and farther back. The grand events lose their glitter and the painful events become less so. The tide rolls in and washes away the lovely writing in the sand. It doesn’t make the writing any less lovely, but it is gone.

I know a couple of people who pig out on their past. No riptide ocean or swift flowing river for them. They swim in the past pool in almost every conversation. Do you remember when? When I was in high school… when we were in university…. Do you remember? Do you? You know that story I told you the last time we were together? And the time before that? Wanna hear it again?

As if it it means something. All these people are doing is treading in standing water, which as an image is frankly – ewww.

On the other hand, I seriously dig the future. And having something in the future. I love looking ahead and seeing something there. That twinkling light. A promise. A possibility. Many a time, I’ve looked ahead and thought I’d seen something better than what really happened. No matter. I can’t tell the future for heaven’s sake! At least there’s been something. On occasion I have looked ahead and seen absolutely nothing. Zero point zero. There’s nothing more frightening than a big black nothing. Light is always better.

So in the final stages of the year known as 2008, there’s no desire to look back. It was a lovely year where a lot of stuff happened. Some great accomplishments. Some interesting survival tactics. Some peaceful bliss. A lot of bliss. But you see, it’s all over. It’s hard to even capture the emotional air of the year. Water over sand, sand through the fingers. It’s all in the past.

Looking ahead to 2009 there’s a lot, well, to look forward to. The potential of a very exciting year for myself as a writer and for Theatrefolk as a company.

  • There’s going to be a new full length play.
  • I’ll be writing a new non-verbal play like Emotional Baggage. Very exciting.
  • A new vignette project which will hopefully play at the Edinburgh Fringe.
  • A super secret project that’s going to involve a lot of fire (metaphorically and physically) which is only a secret till the contract gets signed which is going to be very soon.
  • A whole new process in terms of how Theatrefolk does conferences. Exciting. And scary. Not sure which is the dominant feeling….
  • Some new conferences, and less old ones. The economy will dictate….
  • A whole new process in terms of how Theatrefolk markets itself. Exciting. And scary. This feeling I know, it’s more scary. But in the best possible way. Exciting scary. Sometimes you just have to be scared.

That’s a pretty full year already! Lots of light. Lots of future. Who knows what will actually transpire (remember that whole ‘can’t tell the future thing?) But honestly, there’s no time to look back. Full speed ahead….

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