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Theatre Ontario – Tons of Great Information

When I was starting out Theatre Ontario was my vital lifeline to “the biz.” My membership helped me learn about agents, auditions, taxes, and everything else I needed to know.

I just noticed that many of their publications are available as free PDF downloads! Yeah, free!

The books that would be best suited to drama teachers would be:

  • For Immediate Release (Publicity)
  • Guide to Producing in Community Theatre
  • Plain and Fancy (A Costume Design Manual)
  • Stage Management Without Tears
  • Theatre/Drama in our Schools

The links to all of their available publications are here but I also strongly encourage you to check out their main website, which is here.

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Craig Mason


  • Thanks for the kind words and the referral! Always nice to hear the impact we’ve had for people who’ve come through our doors.

    The free publications were made possible by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, for which we were very grateful.

    For teachers right now, we’re also promoting our Certificate of Excellence, as a way to recognize outstanding secondary school students. They’re free with a membership. Here is the link on our website

    Brandon Moore
    Communications Coordinator, Theatre Ontario
    [email protected]
    416.408.4556 x.15

  • As a drama teacher, former stage manager and director – I highly recommend Theatre Ontario’s “Stage Management Without Tears” … I make sure all of the young stage managers I work with read it. It’s straight forward, practical, and helpful!