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Are you a Theatrefolk fan? Then join our Facebook page!

I’ve had both a MySpace account and a Facebook account for over a year now. It’s interesting that over the year, the MySpace has remained more professional (although I do tend sometimes to get a little more cranky in my MySpace blog posts!) and my Facebook has moved into more of a private area. I like that on Facebook I currently have a small number of friends and I can keep track of what everyone is doing and I can post my goofy Disney pictures. But that’s not exactly what the Theatrefolk customer wants to see though, me posing goofily with Goofy.

To that end, we’re starting up a Theatrefolk Facebook page. This is the place to go to if you’re doing a Lindsay Price play (or any Theatrefolk play for that matter) and want to ask a question or pass along a comment. We’re going to be posting our photos and videos there. If you’re doing a show and want to advertise your dates, let us know and we’ll post it as an event.

Join us!

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