There’s an APP for that

I laughed out loud at this blog post regarding possible theatre apps. They all pretty much hit home. I especially like the one that makes people unwrap their candies before a show (no matter how many you say it before hand, some dope is always making that crinkling sound. And they think by going slower they’re not being obvious. You’re being obvious. We hear you. Stop it!) and the possible responses for the new play app:

  • “I didn’t believe it when MARTA confessed to DANIEL.”
  • “I just think you should raise the stakes for HAROLD.”
  • “What you need to ask yourself is ‘Why is this night more important for GINA than any other night?'”
  • “I felt like THE ANGEL GABRIEL was from a different play.”
  • “Shorter.”
  • “Do you have any questions that you would like this APP to provide feedback on?” [ENTRY SCREEN] “Yes, the APP agrees that part could be tightened up.”
  • “Why isn’t this a screenplay?”

Good times, good times. Yep, haven’t been in any of those conversations AT ALL…… whoops, a little sensitive are we? I wonder if there’s an app for being too sensitive toward an app?

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