There’s Something About a Broadway Playbill

There’s something about a Broadway Playbill. That iconic yellow masthead shines like a theatrical lighthouse – HEY! LOOK AT ME! I love thumbing through Playbills; they’re tangible connections to shows I’ve seen, shows I wish I saw, shows I wish I was in…

Some friends of ours have a neat little trick they use at conferences. They’re a travel company that organizes educational tours to New York. They cover their display table with the Playbills from every current Broadway show. It’s nearly impossible to walk by that table without picking one up.

I just stumbled on a great website from Playbill, the company that makes the… uh… Playbills. It’s called Playbill Vault and it’s attempting to collect an online archive of every Broadway Playbill in history. It’s a really neat resource, memory jogger, and history lesson.

They also have cross-referenced cast and crew lists ( does this too but they don’t have all those pretty Playbills).

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