Thespian Festival – Day One

Program cover from the Thespian Festival

It’s great to be here in Lincoln, Nebraska for the 2010 International Thespian Festival.

Lindsay recorded this video with her thoughts on day one.

A blank page or canvass at the Thespian Festival

Setting up at the Thespian Festival


Hello, we made it. We are here, Lincoln Nebraska, for the International Thespian Festival but a busy day, lots of driving. We have set up our table. All our wares are lovingly displayed and we have got our little badges. Love the badges. Exhibitor, guest artist because there is also workshops. I have my handy dandy door signs, these will be put on the doors, handily enough.

Wait a minute the door signs are signs for the doors?

You know some times the most simplest explanations are the ones that make the most sense. So I am doing Fresh Cement, Writing Your First Play, Dynamite Dialogue and The Best Acting Individual Event Ever and this is very apropos because I am also adjudicating individual events. Tonight I have to go to adjudicator’s meeting and tomorrow I will be judging two blocks of 3 hours of monologues, monologues and more monologs and the great thing about judging at the International Thespian Festival is that all the students who participate in the individual events they had to get superior marks at their state level. So I am seeing the best of the best, the creme de la creme, I’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow. And last thing that I will show you is the coveted Thespian Festival Program and what’s all about this is just how, you do not know how jam packed this festival is until you just see everything that’s available. There is meetings for people who are interested in all kinds of… there’s meetings for scholarships. Look how many pages it takes me to get to the… there’s shows and workshops and more shows and more workshops, full lengths, one acts. Its just jam packed of theatre activities and I say time and time again, boy do I wish I was able to attend this when I was in high school, would have loved it to the nth degree and I love seeing how much fun the students have here this week. So everybody’s bright eyed and bushy tailed, we are just getting started. Day 1 almost done, we’ll talk to you tomorrow. Buh bye!

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