Thespian Festival Day Three – Meeting People

Lindsay talks about the wonders of meeting students who have performed her work. The biggest thrill is hers.


Hello! Here we are again at International Thespian Festival. It’s day… Hmm… Oh, Craig just let me know it is day three, Thursday. Getting ready to teach an afternoon of workshops and one of the really wonderful things about this festival is that, because it’s international and it has students and teachers coming from all kinds of places, all across the states, that I get to meet students and teachers who have done my plays, who made it to Nebraska to do an individual event, and I just get to spend a couple of minutes saying, “Hi! How did it go? Tell me your experience,” and it’s wonderful for me.

And I had a really, really lovely feedback from a couple of teachers, from some students that I met about how grateful they were that I was nice to their kids. Why would I be anything but? They just said that they were very appreciative that I would talk to them when the fact of the matter is I am so appreciative that they chose my work! They picked it up! They thought it was, you know, they thought enough of it to compete, or to put on a play, and I’m still thrilled every day when I get my little email that tells me who’s doing a production or, you know, who’s putting up what, and there’s no better feeling than to know that someone’s doing my work. So, the actual fact of the matter is that I am so appreciative of getting to meet these kids, and getting to talk to them, and it makes my day. That’s it.

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  • Wow! I am going through all of last week’s emails you all send out and ran across this one. I meant every word…your taking time for the kids means the world to all of us!! Thank you for generosity…my girl Alexis will always value your words in “Among Friends and Clutter” and also your kindness when she met you!!