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Thespian Festival – Day Two – Practical Technical Theater

Today we debut two new programs in the excellent Practical Technical Theater DVD series: Costuming and Careers. PTT creator Marti Fowler tells us about the new programs.


Craig: It’s day two at the Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska and today, we were thrilled to see the two new programs in the Practical Technical DVD series: Costumes and Careers. The Practical Technical Theater DVD series is the only thing that we carry that is not an actual Theatrefolk product, not an actual product that we have produced. And, if we knew anything about technical theatre, this is exactly the type of thing we would like to put out in the world and so we do.

I asked Marti Fowler, one of the creators of the series, to show us through the new programs.

Marti: Hi! I’m Marti Fowler from Interactive Educational Video, and we have two new programs that are handled by Theatrefolk.

The first is Careers in Theater. Careers takes you through the different possible careers, not only in acting, but also technical theatre and administration in theatre. Then, the second disc is all interviews that are with actors, with directors, with choreographers, technical people, and all kinds of people that work in administration for theatre. You can pick and choose what you want to show in your classrooms.

Costumes for Theater is hosted by Terry McGonigle who is an Educational Theatre Association Hall of Fame member. Terry takes you through figure drawing, selecting costumes, looking at a script for costuming hints, and historical research – all kinds of things that you need to costume a show. And, as always, the CD-ROMs that come with our programs have got interesting lesson designs and very interesting things that go with programs that help the teacher teach careers and costuming.


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