This blog post is derailing my creativity train.

I’ve been having the darndest time trying to come up with a blog post for today. This isn’t usually the case – there’s always something happening in my immediate world, or the theatre world, or the world at large to talk about. I follow a number of theatre websites from which I often find inspiration. It’s rare that I come up empty.

The Tony’s were on Sunday, hey I should write about that! Except…. we had just arrived home from a day long drive after a week’s vacation and I was asleep by ten. I don’t remember too much aside from the influx of movie stars who may or may not have been in plays in the audience. Does it seem weird to anyone else to see movie stars at the Tony’s? I mean, Will Smith was there. For no reason. Oh right, except to promote his son’s movie opening right about now. Right.

Besides, talking about the Tony’s only get me riled up. Grandpa slippers and pants hiked up to the armpits get out of my darn yard riled up. I have such fond memories of the show from when I was a teenager. The Tony’s fuelled the impossible dream of maybe, one day being on Broadway. Wouldn’t that be so neat? So keen?

The whole shebang is a much different animal now. I’m not going to get caught up in the ‘oh it was so much better way back when’ whine, nothing is so much better way back when. Then is then and now is now. Broadway has morphed and changed as all things do. I’m just not so hot on the changes. I’m not fond of the movie stars (which now seems to be the only way people will go to plays) and I’m really not fond of the reviews dressed up as musicals. They’re not nicely dressed up either, it’s veneers, polyester, and glass tiaras. I’m not losing any sleep over the thought that in this now era, I’ll never be on Broadway.

But what it really comes down to today is that I’m writing, writing, writing. Ideas swirling, pages moving forward in exciting ways. A freight train of creativity with words spinning the wheels and pouring out of the chimney stack. Billowing smoke clouds of characters desperate to get their stories down on paper, begging to have their voices heard. Whoo-hoo! All aboard! Whoo-hoo!

So…… I’m annoyed to have to stop that process to write something for the blog. To continue the analogy, once the train stops, it takes a long, long time to get things rolling again. And it’s never the same kind of momentum, the same kind of energy. I am derailed. I am annoyed.

Not intensely annoyed, not really annoyed, only mildly so. Baby shampoo annoyed. Because I know the blog is important which is why I did stop writing that, to write this. I derailed myself, so really there’s no one to blame, but myself. I blame myself. So there.

It doesn’t help that we’re inches away from our July break and I definitely could use a blog break. But that’s the purpose of the break. To get a break. To recharge. To stockpile. To be raring to go again come August. Which I will be. I just have to get to the end of the month.

Hey, look at that. A blog post! Ok, I’ll spare you further train metaphors. I’m out of here.

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  • I’m learning to do writing in tiny bites – 7pp a day right now, line-editing through the ms. So far, it turns out that I can, in fact, edit while waiting in line at the grocery store. Curious to see if it still works like this on the rewrite or if that time will have to be more focused!