This is a Printing Office…

Wow. Here’s a massive shout-out to our good friends at Buffalo Printing in (you guessed it) Buffalo, New York. Buffalo Printing does all of our script printing and fulfillment.

Here’s a little video of their operations that we shot last year when Somewhere, Nowhere first came out.

We were there a few weeks ago and noticed a poster on their wall called “This is a printing office.”

This is a printing office…
Crossroads of civilization…
Refuge of all the arts against the ravages of time…
Armoury of fearless truth against whispering rumour…
Incessant trumpet of trade.

From this place words may fly abroad,
not to perish on waves of sound,
not to vary with the writer’s hand
but fixed in time having been verified in proof.

Friend, you stand on sacred ground…
This is a printing office

~ By Beatrice Warde (wikipedia)

I casually mentioned that I loved the message of the poster. It reminds me of Shakespeare – perhaps Rumour’s speech from Henry IV, Part II or the prologue from Henry V.

And lo- look what arrived in my mailbox this morning! My very own mounted copy of the text!!!

I was truly blown away by their generosity. This will proudly hang on the walls of Theatrefolk Inter-Global Headquarters.

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