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I’m grateful to Theatrefolk for providing this space for me and other playwrights to post our thoughts. I’m very pleased so far with Theatrefolk; it seems to be an up-and-coming publishing company. In particular, its use of the current technology is a real sign that it is destined for success. In my experience, some of the “heavy hitters” in the play publishing world are way behind as far as using the Internet. To borrow some lyrics, “the times, they are a’changing,” and rapidly–anyone in business trying to carry on without staying current with technological trends is trying to stand still on a fast-moving treadmill. 

As for me, I just recently got back from Kansas. I live and teach in Vermont, but last year I was invited to the Kansas Drama Festival as a guest artist. I conducted several workshops last year and then again this year. What a joy it is to be in a room with students who want to be there, who are really interested in what you have to say! I don’t get that sort of audience too often in the public school. Perhaps it’s because I start repeating myself after a while with my school kids and, given the limited time in Kansas, I hadn’t had a chance to do that. 

I’m getting itchy to start a new project. We’re working on developing a new show of mine here at the high school. It will eventually go to competition. I’m also going to direct Footloose for a neighboring school in the Spring. Plus finals for the first semester are coming up next week. Now why can’t I find time to write a new play?

Well, that’s all for now.

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