This Word Choice is So Very Choice

As I’ve said, oh 40 million times over the years, I love words. And as I’ve also said before, word choice is so important in writing. It can make or break a play, a book, a song, a poem. Every word a writer chooses should be purposeful and deliberate.

So you’ll have to indulge me in writing about this absolutely bizarre choice of words. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s so….well….. choice.

This particular word choice comes care of the Keebler Town House Flip Side. It’s part pretzel and part cracker (hence the whole ‘flip’ moniker) and granted they’re tasty. I’m separately very fond of the cracker and the pretzel so to have both in one bite, I just can’t argue.

What I can argue with is the description of the pretzel/cracker, the pretker, the crackzel: they’re described as having a ‘convenient oval shape.’

Conveniently oval.

Who knew that the oval is way more convenient than the circle or the square? Why is necessary to have a conveniently shaped cracker/pretzel/ thing I put cheese on? (I think I’m leaning toward crackzel. That is an awesome word) Will my day be ruined with an inconvenient cracker? Damn! Now I’m never going to get my cheese, my salami, my humus, (none of which are conveniently oval) in my mouth.

What crackzel in the Keebler product meeting proposed this description? Who stood up and said – ‘The shape! It’s so convenient! People will love it, and hug it and choose it over all the rest!’ And who agreed with that? And decided to put it on the packaging?

Oh to be a fly on the wall…. (Yep, I’m definitely for crackzel)

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