Today is your birthday….

….it’s my birthday too! Happy birthday to any and all Nov 30 th-ers out there. I’m on a plane right now on my way to the Texas Thespian Festival. It’s a busy one with three full days of exhibiting and I’m teaching nine (9!!!) workshops.

Hmmm I think I was on a plane last year on my birthday…

It doesn’t really bother me to work on my birthday. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to do the work that I do. That my work is joyful. And even when it’s exhausting, it’s a happy kind of exhaustion. If that makes any sense. Add to that, there are FOUR productions of my plays happening today. That is rad, awesome, phat, bitchin, cool and winning. Frankly that’s the best birthday present of all. Jewelry-smerlry I’ve got plays in the world! Today in various parts of that world, words that I wrote are going to be said in front of an audience. I don’t think that’s something I’ll ever find dull or ho-hum. It gives me a thrill every single time.

The fact that I have plays in the world is going to make me smile all day. Maybe not on the plane. Sigh. Flying is hard on us old folks. It’s very dry and takes a long time. Waaaaaah. Oh me and my first world problems…

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  • Happy Birthday, Lindsay. I understand your excitement about having your words on a stage. It is what I live for as well. Someday, I hope to have my words on stage via a Theatrefolk publication. :) Have a wonderful day. Break legs at your workshops.