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Tomorrow is Free Play Sunday

Tomorrow is the last Sunday of the month and that can mean one and one thing only… it’s Free Play Sunday!

Tomorrow’s theme is “Plays that deserve many more productions than they’ve been getting.” Here’s what’ll be on offer (all times are eastern):

  • A Box of Puppies by Billy Houck – 9am – 9pm
  • Sweep Under Rug by Lindsay Price – 11am-11pm
  • The Waking Moment by Bradley Hayward – 12pm-midnight
  • Free – Version 2 by Lindsay Price – 1pm-midnight
  • The Revolting Cheerleaders by Don John Donald O’Shea – 3pm-midnight

How do you get the scripts?

It’s pretty simple, really. No need to hunt for parking at the over-packed mall, no need to battle crowds at the discount bin. You don’t even need a special code or a secret handshake. The links for the free downloads will be posted at the relevant times on both our Facebook page and our Twitter stream:

Have a great weekend, everyone. Happy reading!

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