Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

Today we wrap up New York Week with one of our NYC touchstones – Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. The show we look forward to seeing on every visit to the city.


Hello, so we are here for talking about our last show that we have seen in New York and it is “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind.” An amazing, wonderful, theatrical experience. We talked about seeing the show with a different company in May and last night we got to see the New York Company. The concept’s pretty simple and straightforward. A group of performer/writers write and perform thirty plays in sixty minutes. That’s what they’ve got. There is a timer on stage, if the timer runs out and they are in the middle of the play, they stop. So what happens is you go in, and you get a menu which has numbers 1-30 of course and all the different titles. And you shout out the number that you want to see and whatever they hear that is the order they go in, so they never go 1-30. It always gets mixed up, it always makes for an amazing, unique experience. I loved it and I know Craig did too. So, Craig tell us what you thought about Too Much Light.

Well, the Neo-Futurists are the most honest, the most real, most raw performers that you will see anywhere on any stage. As they explain at the beginning of the play, they are always themselves. They are not playing characters and they are always here right now in the theatre. They are not bringing us to other worlds. And one of the moments that struck me the most last night was a monologue a monologue a woman gave about a devastating relationship she was involved in and she positioned herself right in the audience, like basically right where we were sitting and along side of the wall there was some tape and her story was on cue cards and as each bullet played went by, she put the cue card on the tape. And when she ran on the tape and as the story got more and more intense she was flinging the cue cards into the audience. Now that was cathartic moment for her but it was never gratuitious. And it’s this type of raw energy and honesty that make people want to see this show over and over again. Lindsay what are your thoughts?

Well, that’s the thing, that the show changes all the time. They are subtracting and adding new plays every week. So you never see the same show twice. We have seen it multiple times now in New York, we saw a cast of actors we had never seen before and so it’s always a new experience. This time around it was much more performance art driven, more pictures, more fragments and moments as opposed to traditional plays and I loved that variety. I loved seeing art in this way and it was a lot more audience participation, too. And what was really interesting is that we were really made to feel that we were really part of the show, we were included in the show, we were part of the experience, part of the community. That’s what a lot of big theatres are missing. They don’t make me feel like I am part of their community. That’s what “Too Much Light” did and that’s why I am going to go back and see them whenever I can.

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