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True Story by Allison Williams

We often get frantic emails from people looking for an Allison Williams play called True Story.

Theatrefolk has published three of Allison’s plays (Drop Dead, Juliet!, Hamlette, and Mmmbeth) and they all rank among our most popular. But we haven’t published True Story.

It’s not a matter of quality. True Story is a very strong solo piece. It’s based on a series of interviews that Allison conducted with people around the world, asking them, “What’s the most important thing you’re carrying with you?” Lindsay was the dramaturg on the original production.

The “problem” is that it’s just not a Theatrefolk play. It’s a solo piece (we don’t publish solo pieces) and the material is pretty mature at times (the subtitle from the original production was ‘Side Show/Strip Show/Talk Show’).

But it’s a great resource for monologues. I think people come across it from excerpts in monologue books, then they frantically contact us for help finding it.

For now it’s unpublished (and believe me – any theatrical publisher would be crazy to let this one pass them by) so for the time being the author has a self-published copyscript available. You can find an order form here.

In the meantime, check out Allison’s other plays. You’ll love them.

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