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Twenty-Five Interesting Things about Theatrefolk

  1. Our first catalogue was a single sheet of paper. We couldn’t find one (it’s around here somewhere!) but here’s a shot of our 1998-99 catalogue:
    Old Theatrefolk catalogue
  2. The owners of the company answer the phone.
  3. Theatrefolk is only two people.
  4. Who are married.
  5. And honeymooned on a theatre tour.
  6. The “Theatrefolk Global Headquarters” are in what you would call a “living room” in a normal house.
  7. Our business meetings take place at either the beach, or at Tim Hortons. (Lindsay’s favourite donut is Maple swirl)
  8. Our entire website is developed in-house. By Craig. In our global headquarters.
  9. If we don’t both love a play, it doesn’t go in the catalogue.
  10. Theatrefolk the publishing company rose from the ashes of a failed production company. We realized we hated producing, but loved the scripts we produced. Ta da!
  11. Craig is also an actor and will next be seen in a one man show called The Flying Bandit (written and directed by Lindsay) at the Sudbury Theatre Centre in March 2010.
  12. We love Disney World. We look for work in Florida so we can go to Disney World.
  13. Our trusty old binder and paper cutter.
    We used to hand-make the scripts with a paper cutter and a binding machine. We also used to hand-stuff and stamp our catalogue mailings.
  14. We’ve read every play in our catalogue.
  15. We created an Elizabethan board game. It’s in our closet.
  16. Theatrefolk fails at something every year. We believe our greatest strength is getting back on the horse.
  17. Lindsay is terrified of public speaking. She has to practice her workshops over and over again before doing them.
  18. Lindsay and Craig are runners. We’ve run two marathons – not well, but we crossed the finish line!
  19. We write and publish the plays that we would have wanted to be in in high school. We also do it because we spent a particularly bad year watching bad high school theatre. The absolute worst. We knew we could do better.
  20. It took Lindsay five years to realize that writing for high schools was a good thing.
  21. In the fall it is so quiet where we live you can hear the leaves hitting the asphalt.
  22. The first conference we ever went to was the Florida State Thespian Conference. We had nine scripts and they all had the same cover colour. Making all the scripts look the same. We made $40.
  23. We take rejection really personally at conferences and don’t understand when everyone doesn’t take a catalogue.
  24. Craig has a theatre degree (University of Waterloo) and Lindsay has an English Degree (Wilfrid Laurier University). Their respective universities were just down the street from each other, but they didn’t meet till after they finished school.
  25. We love hearing from a student or a teacher when they’ve had a success with one of our plays. Success to us does not mean Broadway; it means someone conquering stage fright, or dealing with a difficult issue play, or directing for the first time, or making people laugh.
    Yes we know that sounds corny.
    We are corny.
    And goofy.
    See number 12.

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